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Aso Guest house
Cotton Club Cottage




Access to the cottage

住所:〒869-1601 熊本県阿蘇郡高森町上色見2889

Address: 2889 Kamishikimi, Takamori-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-1601

熊本空港より 35.1 km
公共交通機関を利用の場合:熊本空港 ➡︎ バス(快速たかもり号) ➡︎ 高森中央 (運行頻度 約180分おき)                            

Nearest airport
35.1 km from Kumamoto Airport
Using a rent a car: 50 min by car
Using public transport:
Kumamoto Airport ➡︎ Bus (Kaisoku Takamori) ➡︎ Takamori Chuo
(Frequency of operation every 180 min)                            
* We will pick you up at the Takamori Chuo Bus Stop, so please contact us by the day before check in.(There may be cases where you are unable to go.)                            

熊本ICより 41.5km 車で60分
益城空港ICより 43.3km 車で60分

Nearest highway IC
From Kumamoto IC: 41.5km, 60 min by car
From Mashiki Airport IC: 43.3km, 60 min by car


Distance and time to recommended spots around the guesthouse

上色見熊野座神社Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine1.6 km 車で3分1.6 km, 3 min by car, 20 min walk
白川水源Shirakawa Water Source8.0 km 車で11分8.0 km, 11 min by car
阿蘇火口・草千里・阿蘇火山博物館Volcano crater, Kusasenri, Aso Volcano Museum24.8 km 車で35分24.8 km, 35 min by car
カドリー・ドミニオンCadley Dominion25.3 km 車で40分25.3 km, 40 min by car
大観峰Daikanbo33.4 km 車で50分33.4 km, 50 min by car
高千穂Takachiho36.4 km 車で60分36.4 km, 60 min by car
黒川温泉Kurokawa Onsen42.0 km 車で60分42.0 km 60 min by car



Hot spring(Onsen)



We don't have hot spring in the cottage. Introducing the nearby hot springs.

月廻り温泉館Tsukimawari Onsenkan2.0 km 車で3分 / 大人500円2.0 km 3 min by car / Adult¥500
阿蘇白水温泉瑠璃Aso Hakusui Onsen Ruri9.4km 車で12分 / 大人400円9.4km, 12 min by car / Adult¥400


Restaurants & Markets



We does not currently serve meals. Use free self-catering facilities or visit a nearby restaurant.
There are restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. within 5km. For details, we will give you a guide map at the Guest house.
* Please note that there will be fewer restaurants open after 19:00.


Nature spot


Here are the trekking routes around the guest house.