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Enjoy trekking when you come to Aso!



From the top, you can see Aso's characteristic terrain more clearly. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will feel the magnificent scenery of the world's largest caldera, and you will feel the breath of the people living there.During the mountain climbing, you can encounter the unique nature of Aso, such as the song of birds and cute flowers.

Here are 3 recommended routes around the guesthouse, from easy-to-climb route that are easy to climb even for beginners who can reach the summit in 30 minutes from the starting point to hard route that can be climbed using ropes.

清栄山 Mt.Seiei



It’s a low mountain, so the scenery is not good? No! at the top, you can see the magnificent scenery unique to Aso!            
In autumn, the silver grass field shines golden at the summit. We also recommend for families.

  • 山データ

  • 標高:1006m
  • 登山口標高:870m
  • 標高差:136m
  • ・ルート概要(距離,時間) 
  •  登山口 → 頂上 600m,25分
  •  頂上 → 登山口 600m,20分
  • Mountain data

  • Altitude: 1006m
  • Trailhead elevation: 870m
  • Altitude difference: 136m
  • ・Route overview (distance, time)
  •  Trailhead → Top 600m, 25 min
  •  Top → Trailhead 600m, 20 min
  • 登山口データ

  • 黒岩峠に登山口あり。駐車スペースは6台程度。
  • ゲストハウスから駐車場まで車で15分
  • Trailhead data

  • There is a trailhead at Kuroiwa Pass. There are about 6 car spaces.
  • 15 minutes by car from the guesthouse to the parking lot.
  • 必要な装備

  • スニーカーで登山可能。秋・冬は防寒着。
  • Necessary equipment

  • You can climb with sneakers. Warm clothes in autumn - winter
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From the top, you can see south caldera and Mt.Aso

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There is a bench at the top. It may be good to eat a lunch

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If you have time, it's interesting to go to Takamori-donno Cedar on the way to the parking lot

杵島岳 Mt.Kishimadake



An exciting route where dynamic scenery appears one after another. It is easy to climb up to Mt.Kishimadake bacause of covered with asphalt.
After seeing the volcanic plume at the top of the mountain, let's walk along the edge of Furunomiike crater! It must be a valuable experience for you.

  • 山データ

  • 標高:1326m
  • 登山口標高:1140m
  • 標高差:186m
  • ・ルート概要(距離,時間) 
  •  登山口 → 分岐 700m,20分
  •  分岐(杵島岳へ) → 頂上 500m,35分
  •  頂上(古御池火口跡を回る) → 分岐 2.4km,70分
  •  分岐(草千里ヶ浜へ) → 登山口 700m,15分
  • Mountain data

  • Altitude: 1326m
  • Trailhead elevation: 1140m
  • Altitude difference: 186m
  • ・ Route overview (distance, time) 
  •  Trailhead → Branch 700m, 20 minutes
  •  Branch (to Mt.Kishimadake) → Top 500m, 35 minutes
  •  Top (turns around Furunomiike crater) → Branch 2.4km, 70 minutes
  •  Branch (to Kusasenrigahama) → Trailhead 700m, 15 minutes
  • 登山口データ

  • 阿蘇火山博物館前の草千里駐車場に登山口あり。駐車料金500円。
  • ゲストハウスから駐車場まで車で35分
  • Trailhead data

  • There is a Trailhead in the Kusasenri parking lot in front of the Aso Volcano Museum. Parking fee is 500 yen.
  • 35 minutes by car from the guesthouse to the parking lot.
  • 必要な装備

  • 山頂まではスニーカーで登山可能。
  • 古御池火口跡に行く場合はトレッキングシューズ推奨。
  • 秋・冬は防寒着。
  • Necessary equipment

  • You can climb with sneakers to the summit.
  • Need Trekking shoes and long sleeve when going to the Furunomiike crater.
  • Warm clothes in autumn - winter
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Route with up and down of about 2.5 hours on the entire journey

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As you climb up Kishimadake, you can gradually see the whole view of Kusasenri crater and the back is Mt.Eboshidake

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View of the mountaintop. Volcanic plume rising and the trace of the Furunomiike crater below

根子岳東峰 Mt.Nekodake EastPeak


  • 山データ

  • 標高:1408m
  • 登山口標高:1065m
  • 標高差:343m
  • ・ルート概要(距離,時間) 
  •  登山口 → 分岐 600m,70分
  •  分岐 → 頂上 100m,7分
  •  頂上 → 分岐 100m,7分
  •  分岐 → 登山口 600m,35分
  • 登山口データ

  • 大戸口から前原牧場に入り、奥まで進むと駐車場と登山口あり。
  • ゲストハウスから駐車場まで車で20分
  • 必要な装備

  • トレッキングシューズ
  • グローブ
  • 防寒着
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